Saturday, February 14, 2009



In social science class, we were taught that in the democratic process, the MINORITY MUST BE SUBORDINATE TO THE MAJORITY. This is the principle that President Obama has taken into consideration but is willing to give the minority in Congress , more respect than any MINORITY will be given in any other part of the world. Particularly after such a devastating eight years , as Americans experienced.

It maybe a bit premature on SOME OF US part to condemn the President's approach to bipartisanship, as waste of time, if the stimulus plan is even moderately successful . Can we imagine the Carnival Street Parade in those districts of e.g. Florida, where Senator Martinez represents and a republican makes him / or / her self available for that seat. The Republican Party will become the "IRRESPONSIBLE PARTY".

So I will wait and see how far they , the "irresponsible s", will go with their "NO" policy. They can easily be put in a position, with tact and strategy, to vote against policy that will affect their favorite constituents in the Mobile Parks. These folks are the oppressed and devastated people in the South. Who receive no attention until the representative wants to be re-elected.

So our President may still have some real cards to play in this political poker, of serving the American people without prejudice, and at the same time rendering the 'IRRESPONSIBLES" a little impotent bit by bit.

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