Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ever since the Capitalists and Big Business took over the American Revolution , from its intended inheritors, the middle class, America was always going to reach this point, where the middle class will stand and reclaim their leadership.

President Barack Obama on Tuesday , February 24 2009, outlined a economic concept that will and should wrestle from the contaminated claws of the very greedy and selfish American Upper Class, the unnecessary domination of Economic and Financial America.

As a country with the most sophisticated Consumer Market in the world. The Upper Class / Ruling Class has failed miserably the rest of society,( the middle class, the working class, the elderly/ former workers, Veterans, and the unemployable s) by greedily hoarding all the financial benefits of its most productive and successful economic era (1992-2000) into the Upper Class regions of the society.

This President chosen from among the brightest stars of America, has been blessed with an acute understanding of the moral obligation of the establishment the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA , to its people ( all its people) and those around it, near and far.

This country's Upper Class, and Big Business has for decades belittle that obligation, and sought to change the obligation, of the American promise, to be a divine, made in heaven, promise to reap ALL the profits and benefits to their themselves and class, while dribbling the crumbs to the rest of society. ( the trickle -down economy of President Ronald Reagan)

This is where the problem of America's demise reside and President Obama in first 35 days, as the Leader of America, is outlining a plan to change our circumstances. A country is as strong as its economy, and the American economy is sinking because of the deliberate mismanagement, by Upper Class representative, former Leader, President Bush, who facilitated legal robbery of America's wealth using many ways and means.

This new quality of leadership by Barack Obama , correctly sees America as a socially stratified country, of economic classes and NOT simply a mass of Republicans and Liberals/Democrats. This has afforded him the opportunity to make correct analyzes and make appropriate judgments to SAVE AMERICA and rebuild our prosperity.

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